Exposing Play Girl 2 Tennis Edition

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Title Information

File Size: 1.5GB

Developer: Garnet

Platform: Windows PC

Includes English patch?:

Parts: 1

Password: Without Password

Story Description

Exposing Play Girl 2 – Tennis Edition with Shiori Tsuyuzaki

An ADV game about a young girl who voluntarily shows off her body.
This massive 1.7GB contents download is a sequel to CG series stars Shiori, the sister of Saori (Exposing Play Girl 1)
with erotic voice and effects, and CG images in JPEG format for those who prefer.

Shiori has an exhibitionist’s free spirit. She loves to flip her teenie sports skirt. Whether it’s at school or on the street where she lives, she’ll flaunt the sweet curve of her legs, buttocks and puffy lips beneath her panties.

Take control as Shiori!
– Will you defy rules and risk shame?
– Will you go beyond the limits?
– Piss in public!
– Run from police!
– Be seen, but don’t get caught!

9 bad endings! 660 CG images (almost NO variations)! Scenes include stripping, masturbation and differentiated outfits and sexual displays.

Erotic voice included (Saori also appears!)
CVs: Hina, Elle Yukonojo



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