Temptation Revenger

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Title Information

File Size: 298 MB

Developer: Parthenon

Platform: Windows PC

Includes English patch?: Yes

Parts: 2

Password: valwin

Story Description

“That woman took one look at me and judged me. Her claim was a fabricated lie.
To add insult to injury she treated me like a piece of garbage, even when she was wrong.
All I remember is my outrage, because it burdens me even now.”

This bitter grudge, will it ever go away?

I obsess about revenge, and am reminded of that Hypno App.

If I have that, I could completely ruin that woman’s life……

Temptation Revenger
is the first in the Temptation series to target a married woman.
She loves her husband, but she’s a prejudiced liar and a slanderer.
Make her pay for the life-destroying grief she caused you.

Hypnotize the milf! Slam into that pretty self-righteous p*ssy.

UNCENSORED audio and text!
No bleeps, no circle-blanked text!



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