Senren * Banka

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Title Information

File Size: 5564.mb

Developer: Yuzusoft

Platform: Windows PC

Includes English patch?: Yes

Parts: 8

Password: Without Password

Story Description

In a mountain which no cars even passes, there is town called “hoori”
As it’s having few interactions with others, it’s a village which culture is lag behind
But due to that it’s having a self development
And become a famous traveling spots for hot springs.
And in this town, there is a special katana
“the legendary katana–murasamemaru”
It’s held deep in the rock, and no one can pull it out.
ut the protagonist broke the katana into two!
The responsibility he needs to takes, will be a marriage.
He is confused by the events happening, but that is only the start
The mysteries life is waiting for him.
The wife he first met
The girl which only he can touch
And the remained curse in this town “hoori”.
In the changing life, how will the protagonist love goes on?
Everything is in the hand that holds the legendary katana “murasamemaru”.



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