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Story Description

Nigiyakasu the garden of the maiden, the eyes of naughty typhoon sucker!?
New studio green tea, lively and naughty love comedy to the original girls’ school that was just coeducation of the stage!
Protagonist is a character can not leave someone alone in that was worrisome, lewd excellent problem child in the bonus.
With the eye to 4 heroines who had the secret of the maiden, people uproar because Approaching unreservedly Guigui!
Of course distance is also narrowed, gradually happy shy men and women of the relationship also …… ♪
This work is welcomed kakao Mr. active in such Ranobe illustrations, Anapon san and W original. Of course SD original Ms. Madoka Hirose!
Story is a love-love-oriented so as not to become too heavy, may occur a little bit strange thing?
You can enjoy the bright school Icharabu of day-to-day system, of refreshing tailoring New Year title !!



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