Kagura Houshinka

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Title Information

File Size: 3222 MB

Developer: Debo no Su Seisakusho

Platform: Windows PC

Includes English patch?: Yes

Parts: 1

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Story Description

The Suwa temple has continually fought evil Youkai from ancient times. Even today, two exorcist mikos stand against these Youkai.

The princess Miko, Suwa Mikoto and her attendant, Takei Ryouka.

Under the guidance of the temple deity Tome-sama, they resolve countless Youkai incidents at various historical cities. The girls overcome difficult battles and develop their skills whilst gaining allies…

But even the duty of exorcism has its great impasse, for the two mikos are now pursued by a Youkai responsible for a certain incident!

Reunions, new encounters and an unforgettable past.

Are Youkai crawling in the darkness the future lying in wait for the pair, or something else?



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