Exposing Play Girl 5

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Title Information

File Size: 948 MB

Developer: Mint Chocolate

Platform: Windows PC

Includes English patch?: Yes

Parts: 5

Password: valwin

Story Description

The 5th fully voiced novel game in the Exposing Play Girl series!
* Please note there are no intercourse (sex) scenes

Feast your eyes on a whopping 175 event CGs!
All on the theme of exhibition and public exposure.
With 1GB of voice acting, and further squirting and pissing sounds!

Sayaka (CV: Yuuri) *new*
and returning characters
Lety (CV: Yuuri)
Rina (CV: Momoka Yuzuki)

Different choices will lead to different exposure play.
The wrong choices may give you a bad ending, but don’t be afraid to
take risks and get those ultra lewd results.

Scene replay and save features are built-in!



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