Alice-san Kore Nandesuka?

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Title Information

File Size: 1287.mb

Developer: Studio Hilite

Platform: Windows PC

Includes English patch?: Yes

Parts: 1

Password: Without Password

Story Description

Other than dressing up as a girl and attending a girls’ school, Aoi is a normal guy that you’d find anywhere. However, one day he was suddenly kicked out of the school, betrayed by his roommate, and abducted to some place at the behest of his own sister.

“This is Tea Town, a mysterious place not found on any map, where you can find anything and anything happens. Aoi, go find yourself here.”

The dumbfounded Aoi met the strange residents of the town: the former hero Patman who refused breast enlargement surgery; the great phantom thief Nana-sama whom he fights day and night; the split personality part-timer ‘Takanashi sisters’ who has both sleeping sickness and insomnia; and, the self-proclaimed mentally-ill owner of a strange shop, Tsukune.

Tsukune told him that the town is in danger and it is up to him to save it, as the heroine Alice. But wait, isn’t he a guy? Can a guy become a heroine?



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